Scope of An Integrated Oil Movement & Storage (OM&S) Control System

A typical refinery or any processing plant has two  main functions,  namely, on-site and   off­site operations. The on-site operations focus on the physical separation and chemical reductions of  feed-stock into intermediate and final products by processing units. The off­ site operations involve the movement and storage of raw materials, intermediate and finished products from tanks to processing  units and vice versa.  Any  control  automation of processing units provides consistent product quality, better  conversion  yields,  stable and safe operations and result in big tangible and intangible benefits such as overall plant efficiency, better usage of planning and scheduling
and management information systems, etc.

This paper discusses the areas related to material movement in a refinery and presents the functional modules and an overall system for the automation of movement and storage activities in a refinery. The paper also presents how an OM&S system  can be integrated effectively with blend control and refinery information   system.

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