Following options are available to view the past recorded webinars.

  1. You can view any of the webinar online one-time.  Click here to view the webinar online.
  2. You can purchase and download any of the past recorded webinars.  It will include audio-video recording and PDF file (40-50 pages) of the webinar slides to view any time on your PC.
  3. You can purchase and download compiled PDF manual of all webinar slides (400+ pages) to view on your PC.


No. Code Title Overview Price Download
1OMS-W01-W10All OMS webinar slides compiled manual View PDF$175Add to cart
2OMS-W10OMS-W10 The Management and Automation of OM&S in a refinery View PDF$19Add to cart
3OMS-W09OMS-W09 Tanks Farm Management View PDF$19Add to cart
4OMS-W08OMS-W08 Applications of linear and Non-linear Programming in the Refining Industry View PDF$19Add to cart
5OMS-W07OMS-W07 How to identify and reconcile fuels blending errors View PDF$19Add to cart
6OMS-W06OMS-W06 Design of Fuels Blend Header View PDF$19Add to cart
7OMS-W05OMS-W05 Strategic Fuels Blending Management and Technology View PDF$19Add to cart
8OMS-W04OMS-W04 Models based predictions of tank qualities reduce lab operational cost View PDF$19Add to cart