Dr. Suresh Agrawal, Founder and CEO

Dr. Suresh S. Agrawal is the founder and CEO of Offsite Management Systems LLC (OMS), Houston, Texas, USA. OMS  specializes in advanced process control systems and has developed, installed, and managed many innovative and technologically advanced automation software products and

Meena Agrawal, Co-Founder

Mrs. Meena Agrawal is the co-founder of Offsite Management Systems LLC (OMS), Houston, Texas, USA. Meena is responsible for project management and execution as well as client relations and business development. She graduated from Roosevelt University with a Bachelors’s degree

Komal Balakrishnan, President

Komal has Extensive experience in comprehensive inside-out Brand Management for multiple global product lines in downstream and upstream businesses, including strategic marketing experience developing go-to-market plans per geo-market. High competence with brand architecture design based on customer insights and future

Vasanth Balakrishnan, Vice President Operations

Vasanth is responsible for the operation and web security of the academy. He has over 19 years of proven success with information security and global telecommunications providers in pre-sales and engineering roles. His information Security Technology Experience include Two-Factor or

Sheetal Agrawal, Vice President Finance

Sheetal is responsible for the management and control of academy and corporate finances such as downstream financial modeling and upstream treasury functions. Sheetal Agrawal is a passionate and engaging finance MBA professional with 10+ years of experience working within various