OMS-01 Strategic Management and Automation of Refinery Offsite Operations


Strategic Automation and Management of Refinery Offsite Operations workshop aims at improving the attendees’ knowledge and understanding of the principles of operation and decision-making involved in the management of refinery offsite operations, such as crude / products blending control and optimization, tanks farm management, terminal and custody transfer, oil movement etc.

The information imparted during the seminar will affirm the existing knowledge and increase learning and comprehension of the various systems of refinery offsite automation, thereby contributing toward efficient and economic management. The seminar will cover all technical, operational, modeling and economical aspects of refinery offsite operations.



Each of modules below will discuss 4-5 topics each of 20-30 minutes duration.  The entire course will be covered in 800+ slides.

Module-1 Overview and Fundamental
  • Oil and Gas Industry Economics-101
  • Overview of Refining
  • Refinery Offsite Operations
  • Problems and Challenges
  • The Hydrocarbon Management (HM) in the Refining Industry
Module-2 Tanks Farm Management
  • Terminal Operations-I
  • Terminal Operations-II
  • Tank Farm Fundamentals-I
  • Tank Farm Fundamentals-II
Module-3 Tanks Inventory Information Management
  • Tank Gauging System-I
  • Tank Gauging System-II
  • Tanks Inventory Management System-I
  • Tanks Inventory Management System-II
Module-4A Tanks Quality Measurement
  • Tanks Quality Analysis and Prediction-I
  • Tanks Quality Analysis and Prediction-II
  • Tanks Fugitive Emission Measurement and Control-I
  • Tanks Fugitive Emission Measurement and Control-II
Module-4 B Octane 101, fuels production economics and gaseous Fuels
  • The Mysteries of Octane
  • The Journey of Octane thru Refinery Lanes
  • Diesel or Gasoline, Which one to produce more
  • All about gaseous Fuels
Module-5 Oil Movements and Management
  • Oil Movements-I
  • Oil Movements-II
  • Oil Movements-III
  • Demo of Commercial OM&S System
Module-6 Overview of Fuels Blending Operations
  • Overview of Blending Operations
  • Crude Blending
  • Products Blending
  • Blenders Configurations
Module-7 Field equipment and controls
  • Field Equipment and Instrumentations
  • Analyzers and Sampling System
  • Regulatory Blend Control
  • Blend Trim Control
Module-8 Blending Models and Optimization
  • Linear Blend Models
  • Non-linear Blend Models
  • Methods to Handle Blend Non-linearity
  • Blend Optimization
  • Lab Exercise to solve an LP problem of a small refinery
Module-9 Advanced Blend Control and Optimization
  • Refinery-wide Planning & Scheduling
  • Advanced Blend Control Strategy
  • Offline Blend Optimizer
  • Online Blend Control & Optimization
Module-10 Data Reconcilation and Analysis
  • Data Reconciliation and Feedback
  • Interface with Other Systems
  • System Architecture
  • Over-all Integration
Module-11 Offsite Automatin Project Justification
  • Where and how to start
  • Economical Justifications
  • Identification of Automation Areas
  • Data gathering and Analysis
Module-12 Offsite Automation Project Implementation
  • Project Implementation Phases & Strategy
  • How to realize and sustain benefits
  • Required Enterprise Changes
  • Putting it All Together
  • A treatise of ASTM Standards

Who Should Attend ?

  • Mandatory –  OM&S Manager,  Process Engineer, Blending Engineer,  Offsite Operator, Blending Operator, Field Operator
  • Recommended – Blending Manager, Control System Manager, IT Manager, Refinery Planner,  Refinery Scheduler,  Control System Engineer,  Maintenance Engineer
  • Optional – Refinery Manager, Analyzer Engineer, IT/Engineers/Analyst,  Fuels Traders, Crude Traders

Summary of Course Evaluation

Each course is evaluated by the course attendees for the following 12 categories as in the figure shown below.

OMS-1 Evaluation Summary


Few Testimonials

I was transferred to offsite operations from onsite and I had very little clue about offsite as such. This course gave me an excellent overview of technology and operational aspects with right blend of details.   I would recommend this training course to be included in the training plan for offsite operators and engineers by every refinery.—Thupthanachote Kiticunanon, The Bangchak Petroleum Co. Ltd

My favorite topics were the “journey of octane thru refinery lanes” and fuels blending. The lab exercise to solve a small refinery problem was excellent to demonstrate the use of LP. I wish the course would have more lab exercises of the kind.–Snezana Ristic, Ministry of Mining and Energy, Serbia

Upon completion of the course, I felt good to have learned what is offsite operations really about as in our refinery this area of operations is not focused enough despite the fact that it affects the bottom-line. Great course, indeed. – Smith Edward , Silver Eagle Refinery

Although this course gives an overview of offsite operations, I was interested more in Fuels Blending Technology and hands-on exercises to solve Fuels Blending problems. However, I understand from the instructor that he offers two more training courses in the series to teach blending and Linear programming. I would definitely check them out.–Ongyos Udomrak, IRPC Public Company Limited

Five stars to the course and the instructor.--Muk-Apa Mukdahong, Thai Oil Company Limited

I loved the topic of Hydrocarbon Management and now I understood why it is important for our yield accountants to be concerned and work hard to reconcile the receipts, shipment and productions.– Sandra Artiga, Inversiones Energetícas


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