Universal Network Intelligence (UNI Strategic)

Established in early 2002, Universal Network Intelligence (UNISTRATEGIC) is the key provider of bespoke corporate training and public events.

Their corporate workshops and conferences are attended by government organizations, multi-national companies (MNCs) and well known regional corporations. They remain a leader in providing quality business to business information platforms to provide companies with the critical edge in corporate strategy today. They identify and develop key market segments across all industries and make headway into new and proven frontiers, bringing you the very best and latest in all their programs.

Their public large scale events are catered to corporate and public audiences. We engage world leaders in all sectors like US President Bill Clinton to give speeches. The purpose of engaging them is to allow them to share their insights and views on many macro views on global issues with the general public and private and non-private corporations.

At UNISTRATEGIC, they truly value our customers’ needs and wants. With this belief, they will always strive to provide the latest and up to date knowledge for all our customers.

UNI and OMS has partnered to host OMS’ training courses in south-east Asia region.