Scope and Feasibility of Integrated Crude Blending Control and Optimization System

This paper discusses the scope and feasibility of an integrated Crude Blending control, optimization and scheduling system to control the qualities of crude feed and end products and automate oil movement and storage operations. Crude blending is different from product

Integrate blending Control, Optimization and Planning

Here are the generic functions of  all essential modules for an integrated system

Scope of An Integrated Oil Movement & Storage (OM&S) Control System

A typical refinery or any processing plant has two main functions,  namely, on-site and   off­site operations. The on-site operations focus on the physical separation and chemical reductions of feed-stock into intermediate and final products by processing units. The off­ site

Economics Justifications of an Integrated Oil Movement & Storage Control System

The off-site operations in a typical refinery involve the movement and storage of raw materials, intermediate and finished products from tanks to processing units and vice versa. This operation is often termed as Oil Movement and Storage (OM&S). Any control

Implementation of Advanced on-line Blend Control, Optimization and Planning System in Mexican Refineries

This paper presents the configurations and architecture of ABB’s state-of-the-art Integrated Blend control, optimization and planning system implemented at two PEMEX refineries in Cadereyta and Tula in Mexico. The blending control system implemented at PEMEX refineries is very sophisticated both

Advanced Closed loop Controls of Refinery Off-site Operations

A  typical  refinery  or  chemical  processing  plant  has many activities which can be categorized into a number of areas such as feed and products preparations, material movement, stabilization and optimization of unit operations and information management.  All refinery activities are