Strategic Training Curriculum for
Refinery Offsite Operations

It is important for experienced professionals and new graduates alike to upgrade and seek new skills related to their job requirements. For this purpose, they resort to in-house and/or refinery offsite training courses, workshops, conferences, and webinars, etc. Normally the organizations fund their employees to attend these continuing educations programs, but the funds for such training are very limited nowadays because of low oil prices.

OMS has developed and offers offsite and onsite strategic training curriculum of four gas engineering courses series, recommended to attend in series over a period of 12-16 months to develop new skills for professional working in the refinery offsite operations such as crude and fuels blending, oil movement, tank farm, and linear/non-linear programming applications.  Each of the course in series focuses individually on Management, Control, Optimization and Reconciliation of refinery offsite operations.

Each of them is 3 days comprehensive courses of 50+ topics of 25-30 minutes each and is covered in 800+ slides with full of technical information. The oil gas courses also have hand-on exercises, quizzes, case studies and expert consultation on individual refinery offsite operational problems.

Each of the course in the series includes

  • 125+ pages manual of all course 800+ slides,
  • A copy of the ASTM manual MNL58 Petroleum Refining and Natural Gas Processing, Editors: Riazi M., Eser Semite, Dr. Suresh Agrawal, Peño Díez José, Published: 2013
  • Free copies of  software used in the lab exercises
  • Free Consultation for refinery specific problems and challenges

Additionally, if you are unable to attend any of these gas engineer courses in person due to time and/or budget constraint, you can purchase and download the complete training manuals for any of OMS training courses.  For details click here.

OMS-01 Strategic Management and Automation of Refinery Offsite Operations

This workshop aims at improving the attendees' knowledge and understanding of the principles of operation and decision-making involved in the management of refinery offsite operations, such as crude / fuels (Gasoline, Diesel, Fuel Oil) blending control and optimization, tanks farm management, terminal and custody transfer, oil movement etc. This workshop will affirm the existing knowledge and increase learning and comprehension of the various systems of refinery offsite automation, thereby contributing toward efficient and economic management of the operations.


OMS-02 Strategic Fuels Blending Management and Technology

The information imparted during the seminar will affirm the existing knowledge and increase learning and comprehension of fuel blending systems, thereby contributing toward efficient and economic management. The seminar will cover all technical, operational, modeling, and economical aspects of fuels blending control and optimization systems. One of the salient features of this seminar is to discuss the problems of blending operation, if any, in the registrant’s own refinery and receive valuable feedback from the world’s leading blending expert. Attendees are encouraged to take advantage of this session. A questionnaire is given to the registrants to prompt their interaction for this session.


OMS-03 Principles and Applications of LP/NLP Programming in the Refining Industry

Advanced process control strategies invariably use linear and non-linear programming methods to solve complex and non-unique process models solutions. These techniques are employed in refinery planning, blend recipe formulations, optimum operating parameters for process units, etc. The information imparted during the seminar will introduce the techniques of linear programming and affirm the shared knowledge by hand-on lab exercise. Attendees can bring information about their own refinery and blending operations to solve them using actual commercial system demonstrated in the course. The seminar will cover all technical, operational, modeling and economical aspects of planning, optimization of daily refinery operations.


OMS-04 Hydrocarbon Management in the Refining Industry

The term Hydrocarbon management or mass reconciliation or oil loss all mean to the balancing of the input and output of a refinery. The typical best run refineries average imbalance is between 0.35-0.55% of refinery crude throughput and this translates into yearly loss of 35-60M$ for a 300KBD refinery with crude price of $100/bl. This loss does not even account for loss due to demurrage, data inconsistencies in custody transfer data, etc. This is huge incentive for not so efficient refineries, at least it should be, to manage its assets efficiently, streamline the accounting procedures, calibrate its meters, etc. This seminar discusses the concept of HM landscape in a refinery, process of reconciliation, asset management systems (Tanks, oil movement, custody transfer, vendor/customer management (ERP), etc.) and relates them with element of the accounting process.


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Course Director


Dr. Suresh S. Agrawal is the founder and president of Offsite Management Systems LLC and has developed and installed innovative and technologically advanced automation software products and integrated solutions to automate offsite operations of Chemical, Oil, and Gas (COG) Industries. Dr. Agrawal has 25+ years of experience at senior positions with companies, including Director of Refinery Offsite Operations at ABB Industrial Systems Inc., Houston, TX.

He has also worked with reputable companies such as 3X Corporation, Exxon Corporation, and ABB before starting this company. Dr. Agrawal has successfully managed many advanced offsite refinery control projects in numerous countries. He has a doctorate (Ph.D.) and M.S. in Chemical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.), Mumbai, India. He has published more than 20 technical papers in advanced control of refinery onsite/offsite operations.

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