OMS Provides the following refining consulting services, but not limited:

  • Provide expertise for the¬†integration of refinery off-site automation systems such as off-line/on-line blend control, optimization, planning and scheduling systems, tank farm management, oil movement, and storage system, crude blending, etc.
  • Provide complete offsite systems project management services to interact with instruments and DCS vendors, hardware and software vendors and others, generation of specification documentation and final commissioning and start-up services.
  • Provide technology and applications expertise for process control and optimization of process plants, utilities, and food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Provide expertise for the development and integration of steady state and dynamic simulation of existing or new processes. Custom development and validation of steady state and dynamic process models using state-of-the-art simulations tools and techniques.
  • Provide expertise for the development of office functions and applications and their integration with real-time and general business systems.
  • Conduct Benchmarking Surveys for fuels blending and hydrocarbon management systems