Public Training Courses

OMS has developed and offers offsite and onsite strategic training curriculum of four courses series, recommended to attend in series over a period of 12-16 months to develop new skills for professionals working in the refinery offsite operations such as crude and fuels blending, oil movement, tank farm, and linear/non-linear programming applications.  The refinery offsite training courses in series focus individually on Management, Control, Optimization, and Reconciliation of refinery offsite operations. In addition, the following courses are offered publicly around the world in alliance with various training institutions or by OMS themselves.

No Public courses are scheduled at this time due to the Pandemic situation. Please check back later in early 2022 for an updated schedule.

  1. MANAGE –  OMS-01 Strategic Management and Automation of Refinery Offsite Operations
  2. CONTROL – OMS-02 Strategic Fuels Blending Management and Technology
  3. OPTIMIZE – OMS-03 Principles and Applications of LP/NLP Programming in the Refining Industry
  4. RECONCILE OMS-04 Hydrocarbon Management in the Refining Industry

OMS Strategic Training Curriculum and Refinery Offsite Training

The following table shows the complete schedule for 2015-2017 for these courses.  Would you mind clicking on any date to view details and register for the course?  Please note that courses open for registration 10 weeks before the event date and closes 3 weeks before the event date if not confirmed to hold as scheduled.

OMS Global Training Global Schedule (2019-2022)