OMS Recommended Book- ASTM Manual MNL58-Petroleum Refining and Natural Gas Processing

MNL58-Petroleum Refining and Natural Gas Processing Book


Offsite Management Systems LLC ( recommends the book MNL58-Petroleum Refining and Natural Gas Processing, Edited By Riazi M., Eser Semih, Agrawal Suresh, Peña Díez José, Published: 2013 ( the professionals working in downstream refining.

The book has the following Chapters. Click on any chapter title to view its abstract on publisher’s site.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    Riazi M., Eser S., Peña Díez J., Agrawal S.
  2. Feedstocks and Products of Crude Oil and Natural Gas Refineries
    Riazi M., Eser S.
  3. Worldwide Statistical Data on Proven Reserves, Production, and Refining Capacities of Crude Oil and Natural Gas
    Riazi M., Rana M., Peña Díez J.
  4. Properties, Specifications, and Quality of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products
    Riazi M., Eser S.
  5. Crude Oil Refining Processes
    Eser S., Riazi M.
  6. Fluid Catalytic Cracking
    Voolapalli R., Thota C., Gokak D., Choudary N., Siddiqui M.
  7. Hydroisomerization of Paraffins in Light Naphthas and Lube Oils for Quality Improvement
    Newalkar B., Choudary N., Siddiqui M.
  8. Heavy-Oil Processing
    Eser S., Guitian J.
  9. Advances in Petroleum Refining Processes
    Mochida I., Fletcher R., Hatanaka S., Toshima H., Inomata J., Inomata M., Inoue S., Matsuda K., Nagamatsu S., Shimizu S.
  10. Advances in Catalysts for Refining Processes
    Mochida I., Fletcher R., Hatanaka S., Toshima H., Nagamatsu S., Inomata M., He R., Threlkel R., Dillon C., Ida J., Matsuhisa T., Inoue S., Shimizu S., Shoji K.
  11. Natural Gas Conditioning and Processing
    Migliore C.
  12. Hydrogen Management
    Zhang N., Liu F.
  13. Design Aspects of Separation Units and Processing Equipment
    Rodwell M., Riazi M.
  14. Process Control and Instrumentation
    Raman L., Murthy N.
  15. Modern Computer Process Control Refining Units
    Jaisinghani R.
  16. Refinery Inspection and Maintenance
    Kosta A., Kishore K.
  17. Corrosion Inspection and Control in Refineries
    Hau J.
  18. Product Analysis and Quality Control
    Kumar P., Murthy N.
  19. Fuel Blending Technology and Management
    Agrawal S.
  20. Tank Farm Management
    Agrawal S.
  21. Refinery Planning and Scheduling
    Zhang N., Valleur M.
  22. Transportation of Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Petroleum Products
    Ayala H. L.
  23. Introduction to Trading, Pricing, and Valuation of Crude Oils and Petroleum Products
    Khor C., Ricardez-Sandoval L., Elkamel A., Shah N.
  24. A Review of Refinery Markets and Cost Estimation
    Kaiser M., Gary J.
  25. Financial Risk Management in Refinery Operations Planning
    Bagajewicz M.
  26. Process Modeling and Simulation of Refineries
    Guerra M., Jiménez-Asenjo P., López-Rodríguez A., Peña Díez J.
  27. Maintenance Simulation and Optimization in Refineries and Process Plants
    Bagajewicz M.
  28. Roles of Computers in Petroleum Refineries
    Khor C., Elkamel A.
  29. Environmental Issues Related to the Petroleum Refining Industry
    Khor C., Elkamel A.
  30. Safety Issues Related to Petroleum Refineries
    Haight J.
  31. Refinery Management
    Herlyn F.
  32. Biofuels and Biorefineries
    Calle J.
  33. Future Directions in Petroleum and Natural Gas Refining
    Rana M., Ancheyta J., Riazi M., Marafi M.


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