Founded in 1995, Pimsoft is a private company headquartered in Turin (Italy) with satellite offices in Milan, Rome and Houston (TX).

Pimsoft is the owner and maker of Sigmafine, an enterprise wide platform for improving and sustaining data quality in the process and manufacturing. Over 70 professionals, engineers and IT specialists, work at Pimsoft.

As process and manufacturing operations are becoming inundated with more and more data, everyone feels the pain of poor data quality. Caring about data in process and manufacturing is becoming an imperative for realizing the value of information.

At Pimsoft, we are in the business of generating value for our customers by ensuring the Accuracy and Usability of process and manufacturing data at all times so that our customers can fully trust their data for action. Sigmafine, a state of the art platform for validating, reconciling and organizing information according to operational and business requirements of the customer.

Expertise and services required to implement and maintain a complete data governance framework for process and manufacturing operations. Caring for data in process and manufacturing is our core technology, competency and expertise.

OMS and PIMSOFT has partnered together as Sigmafine professional and implementation partner.