Excel Based Single-period, Single-blend Non-linear Offline Blend Optimizer



The planning of refinery blend products and the subsequent optimal control of the blending process has a significant immediate impact on refinery profitability and excess inventory. gomsPOFBlend™ off-line blending planning package considers production planning, inventory management, and the quality and value of blending components to optimize blending operations. It is a comprehensive package, which can be modularly integrated in a refinery’s MES structure.


Offline Product blending optimization, planning and scheduling system (gomsPOFBlend™) can be used very effectively for:

  • Single recipe generation for Gasoline, Diesel and Fuel oil products
  • Multi-period blend planning for weekly inventory control and monthly production forecast
  • Conducting blend studies for operational change modeling and LP verification
  • Reblending to correct off-spec blends
  • Backcasting to calculate blend models parameters and bias terms
  • Analysis of compliance with EPA, CARB rules
  • Blend Recipe Management and Automatic downloading of next blends recipes to online execution


  • Shift usage of more economical components
  • Determine and exploit on-the-spot opportunities quickly
  • Link refinery-wide planning to short term logistics
  • Remove guesswork and artistry from blend planning
  • Production of economically optimum product blends, thereby adding to refinery’s bottom line profitability

OMSCBlend-Bro-Fig-3Figure – 1 OMS Blend Control, Optimization and Planning System Hierarchy


  • Basic
    • Blending full range of gasoline grades, aviation jet to diesel fuel for distillate blends, and fuel oil blends.
    • Multi-period planning with inventory control constraints.
    • Number of multiple periods, feed-stock components, and product grades limited only by computer memory size availability.
    • Can choose non-linear predictive methods “on the fly” for qualities
    • Maximize profit, Minimize quality giveaway, Calculation only optimization Choices
    • Determine the header targets for properties for an online system
  • Advanced
    • Inventory Management – account for changing production and set time dependent limits
    • Group Specifications – property constraints over groups of blends
    • Heel Tracking – accounting for volume / qualities in tank already, for each use Component
    • Pooling – simulate rundowns
    • Generalized free-formatted linear and non-linear equations generation and management system (GAMS™)
    • User Selectable options for multiple Correlations for 36 qualities
    • 3 User definable blend qualities
  • Extended
    • Octane Blending Values – determine indices for use in LP’s
    • Blend Property Control Interfaces- send recipes directly to on-line system
    • Biases – add values to correct consistent errors

omsPOFBlend-Fig-2Figure – 2 Stock Availability Data Entry

    • Giveaway Ranges – ensure blend remains close to specification
    • Infeasibility Control – recover from “impossible” situations, relax constraints until solution is found
    • “Distress” Buy / Sell – provides indication of why problem won’t solve, calculate volume / quality needed to make an infeasible problem solve
  • Environmental
    • EPA RFG Models – blend to emission specifications, ignores extrapolations at iteration-level (may impact), report exactly as written
    • CARB Phase II Predictive Model – report emissions, report acceptability
  • Modeling and Correlations
    • Preferred Recipe Penalties – encourages model to stay near a preferred Starting recipe
    • Product Group Limits – volume constraints over groups of blends
    • Product Group Relations – relate production of blends to each other
    • User selectable built-in well proven correlations for over 40 properties for gasoline, diesel and fuel including EPA RGF and CARB models
    • Optimal scheduling of multi-period blends

omsPOFBlend-Fig-3Figure – 3 Reports Manager


gomsPOFBlend™ allows direct interface with

  • Regulatory and Online blend control and optimization system (gomsPONBlend™)
  • Laboratory and Tank gauging data
  • gomsTQTS™ for online tank quality tracking system.
  • Blend Information Management System for feedback of model biases (gomsBIMS™)


Economically, it is estimated an annual savings of 750K–1.5MUS$ by Offline Recipe Optimization, and planning and Scheduling of blends.

System Requirements

Intel Core i7 or equivalent, 3+ GHz, 32GB RAM, 1TB+ HDD, CD ROM, 17”+ color monitor, Windows 7 and higher OS

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