Strategic Management and Automation of Refinery Offsite Operations

Strategic Management and Automation course of refinery offsite operations webinar
The refinery operations are categorized as onsite operations and offsite operations. All process units and ancillary facilities fall under onsite operations and they mainly focus on safe, efficient and optimized production of inter-units feed stocks. Offsite operations on other hand cater towards producing end-products. These end products are blended products such as gasoline, fuel oil and diesel, kerosene, jet fuels, LPG, etc. and makes heavy use of tank farm management, oil movements, custody transfer across fence-line, hydrocarbon management, etc. It is no surprise that offsite operations account for 80-90% of refinery’s end products and hence affect the refinery bottom line in terms of efficiency, accuracy, accountability and minimization of quality giveaways. The information imparted during this webinar will affirm the existing knowledge and increase learning and comprehension of the various systems of refinery offsite automation, thereby contributing toward efficient and economic management. The webinar will review all offsite operations activities and their management and automation problems and challenges.