Tank farm Management

Tank farm Management Webinar

Tank farm Management

Typical refinery tank farm consist of 100-300 tanks of large capacities to store crude oil and manufactured products. These are refinery assets of value of billions of dollars and they constantly move in and out of the tanks and/or plant almost 150-400 times in a day. It is very important for the refinery to know its inventory and quality in real-time. It requires efficient and safe tank farm management systems to manage, monitor, control and reconcile the material flow within and outside the perimeter of the tank farm.

This webinar will discuss all aspects of tank farm management with respect to custody transfer, oil movement, fugitive emissions, Hydrocarbon management and quality predictions.



  1. Suresh Agrawal says:

    “Presenting live case studies with pre and post automation will help users to get the “”value”” from such automation, which is need of the hour. Further, how inventory could be reduced with higher level of automation could have been presented.”, NS Murthy, Technology Advisor, General Electric, USA

    “It was excellent.” Luis Nunez, Refinery Scheduler, Ecopetrol, Columbia

    “The webinar was very informative and educative. Dr. Agrawal presented it in a clear and simplified way. I realized the topics could not be covered in more details in that short time duration otherwise the appetite was still there.”, Michael Kariuki, Manager Technology, Kenya Petroleum Refineries Limited, Kenya

    “Highly informative for specialized area in oil industry” Dr. Roberto Linares, Vice President, PIMSOFT, Houston