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Survey to Benchmark the Refinery Fuels Blending System

OMS Launches Survey to Benchmark the Refinery’s Fuels Blending System

A refinery typical produces 70-85% fuel products (gasoline, diesel, LPG, fuel oil) of its crude throughput by blending 10-12 refinery products which vary in both qualities and monetary value. These fuel products have very strict specifications to meet and refinery use automated fuels blending control system to optimize and control their properties.

PIMSOFT and OMS partner in oil and gas industry

PIMSOFT and OMS signed partnership Agreement

PIMSOFT and OMS has signed a partnership agreement for the OMS role as Sigmafine implementer and professional. Sigmafine is software for the mass reconciliation or hydrocarbon management for the refineries and chemical plants. PIMSOFT ( was Founded in 1995 and OMS was founded in 1998.