Project Profiles

Here you will find a summary of various key project profiles, case study, master plans, development and project management undertaken either by OMS as a company and its staff in their professional careers to demonstrate the extent of expertise and experience we bring to our customers.

Refinery Oil Movements and Storage Systems Implementation

Implementation of the Refinery Oil Movements and Storage (OM&S) Systems

A typical refinery or any liquid based manufacturing plant has billions of dollars’ worth liquid assets (crude oil , manufactured intermediate and final products) in 150-300+ storage tanks. The inventory of these assets are monitored in real-time and moved within and across refinery boundaries in 100+ movements on daily basis. The management of these assets is crucial

Hydrocarbon Management and Oil Gas Automation

Evaluation Study of a Refinery Mass Reconciliation Software

Shell oil had initiated software projects to implement assets management systems (Tanks Information System and oil movement management ) from automation vendor Invensys and ERP system (OAS) to integrate into a complete Hydrocarbon Management System (HM). However, the corporation felt that there should be another cross-check…

Refinery Liquid Asset Management Systems elearning portal

Blended eLearning Portal for Refinery Liquid Assets Management Systems

The assets management systems, namely, TIS (Tanks Information System) and OMM (Oil Movement Management) were deployed at 10 US/Non-US refineries of an oil corporation. Hence, a need was recognized to develop a blended eLearning Portal that will provide ‘just in time’ OMM-TIS online training for the sites refinery operators, planners and yield accountants.

Estimation of the unmeasured flows from the gas wells

Estimation of the unmeasured flows from the gas wells

This document presents an overview of an upstream (offshore sub-sea gas fields) R&D project developed by OMS from start to finish for a local Houston client. The project objective was to develop a non-linear multi-variable regression system to estimate unmeasured flow from offshore gas field wells. The project investigated three gas reservoirs with many gas fields and gas well clusters to develop the flow prediction system.