OMS01A-2019-03-19-21-Houston, Texas


The information imparted during this webinar will affirm the existing knowledge and increase learning and comprehension of the various systems of refinery offsite automation, thereby contributing toward efficient and economic management. The webinar will review all offsite operations activities and their management and automation problems and challenges.

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It is becoming difficult for refining industry worldwide to cope with strict fuel quality and emission control requirements and regulations by local and foreign consumers and authorities. Unstable and high crude oil prices add further to their pain. Refiners are resorting to methods to conform to low sulfur, low toxic content fuel specifications and finding that advanced control, and optimization system, in addition to process unit modification and additions, is a suitable, workable and economical solution.

However, successful implementation of an advanced control and optimization system for gasoline, diesel and fuel oil products requires that both plant operators and engineers alike understand in details the technology and operations of such system available in the market place today. This workshop will cover in details each aspect of hardware, field equipment, software, interfaces and over-all integration of an advanced blend control system to leave the attendees with deep understanding and working knowledge of such a system.


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