White Paper

Please find a list of all white papers authored by our president, Dr. Suresh Agrawal and presented and/or published in various international journals, magazine and conferences.  These are free to download and please feel free to send any query about the contents of any of these white papers to info@globaloms or use our contact us form.

ID Title Download
HE-032018How to Benchmark the State of A Refinery’s Fuels Blending System? Part-I Methodology Click Here
OMSWP-2017-01Optimum design of fuels Blend header Click Here
OMSWP-2007.06Advances In Tank Quality Measurements Can Help Cut Operational Costs Click Here
OMSWP-2005.01Implementation and Benefits of Online Tanks Quality Tracking System in a Singapore Refinery Click Here
OMSWP-2005.02BAdvanced Gasoline Blending-II Click Here
OMSWP-2005.02AAdvanced Gasoline Blending-I Click Here
OMSWP-1997.08Advanced Closed loop Controls of Refinery Off-site Operations Click Here
OMSWP-1996.11Implementation of Advanced on-line Blend Control, Optimization and Planning System in Mexican Refineries Click Here
OMSWP-1996.10Economics Justifications of an Integrated Oil Movement & Storage Control System Click Here
OMSWP-1995.10Scope of An Integrated Oil Movement & Storage (OM&S) Control System Click Here
OMSWP-1995.08Integrate blending Control, Optimization and Planning Click Here
OMSWP-1994.05Scope and Feasibility of Integrated Crude Blending Control and Optimization System Click Here