Private Training Courses

OMS has developed and offers offsite and onsite strategic training curriculum of four courses series, recommended to attend in series over a period of 6-12 months to develop new skills for professional working in the refinery offsite operations such as crude and fuels blending, oil movement, tank farm, and linear/non-linear programming applications.  Each of the course in series focuses individually on Management, Control, Optimization and Reconciliation of refinery offsite operations.  The following courses are offered publicly around the world in alliance with various training institutions or by OMS themselves.

  1. MANAGE – OMS-01 Strategic Automation and Management of Refinery Offsite Operations
  2. CONTROL – OMS-02 Strategic Fuels Blending Management and Technology
  3. OPTIMIZE – OMS-03 Principles and Applications of LP/NLP Programming in the Refining Industry
  4. RECONCILEOMS-04 Hydrocarbon Management in the Refining Industry

OMS can conduct any of the above courses privately on company premise or selected off-premise venue.  This option is chosen to train professionals across corporate refineries and is very cost-effective from total expenditure point of view.  Onsite training option also has the advantage of a flexible schedule and not depend on the schedule of the public offering.

Click here to view a detailed comparison of various training venue options available from OMS.  If you are interested in a proposal to conduct any of these courses at your site privately for your employees (recommended maximum 15 for better interactions), please contact us for a detailed proposal.  Please give details of your requirement in the message box of the request form.